LANDesk Software and PAT: united in Helpdesk and System Management solutions

The two companies offer an integrated solution for the company helpdesk PAT, frontrunning Italian company specializing in the design and production of e-CRM solutions, and LANDesk Software®, leading provider of solutions for desktop, server and mobile device management and security, announce a partnership agreement for the Italian market.

From today, the solutions PAT HelpdeskAdvanced and LANDesk Management Suite can be managed as a single solution, thanks to a module developed by PAT to integrate the two products. Helpdesk operators that use HelpdeskAdvanced will be able to resolve users´ problems right from the first call, thanks to the remote problem solving tools included within LANDesk Management Suite.
This integrated approach reduces management costs, increases personnel efficiency and reduces user inactivity times. ”We are especially satisfied with this partnership, which is of notable interest to our clients. Associating a recognized Desktop Management solution, such as that offered by LANDesk Software, with PAT´s HelpdeskAdvanced solution essentially means introducing a single platform to fully satisfy customer requirements”, emphasizes Patrizio Bof, Sole Director of PAT.
The integration module allows the LANDesk Management Suite and PAT HelpdeskAdvanced databases to communicate with each other. In this way, the assets listed in the LANDesk Management Suite inventory can be uniquely linked to the individuals that are using them. Once the link between asset and user has been created, HelpdeskAdvanced will directly and automatically access the data gathered by LANDesk Management Suite, so keeping the inventory updated in real time.
In addition this solution allows the integration of data from the inventory with further information connected to the asset, such as the warranty expiry date or information on providers or maintenance contracts. Furthermore, helpdesk operators can record a call (open a ticket) in HelpdeskAdvanced, with all the details relating to the subject of the call itself, while at the same time viewing the hardware and software inventory data originating from LANDesk Management Suite. Where necessary, a remote control connection can be established in order to solve problems relating to systems and/or training. Operator-customer communications can also be supported by a contextual chat, again using the HelpdeskAdvanced console.
”The integration between HelpdeskAdvanced and LANDesk Management Suite responds to a real client demand: to be able to freely choose the best solutions in each sector, but to then have these solutions communicate with each other and work together”, states Pietro Calderara, LANDesk Software Regional Manager for Italy and the Middle East. ”PAT and LANDesk Software produce complementary solutions aimed at the same market. For this reason I am convinced that our partnership will bear great fruits. In addition, this agreement underlines our commitment to targeting Italy with specific initiatives and alliances for this market”.
HelpdeskAdvanced – with version 6.0 now available offering numerous new analysis, workflow and change management functions – allows companies to maximize the potential of their own client base through the creation of a solid, lasting, personal and profitable relationship with each individual customer. Usable in 100% web-based mode, it allows you to keep all information at your fingertips, to automatically create a knowledge base, and to produce complete reports and analysis of helpdesk activity. HelpdeskAdvanced is a modular, flexible, scalable solution that can be used instantly and which offers a user-friendly interface and guarantees an immediate return on the investment made, by allowing you to reduce training costs.
LANDesk Software is the leading provider of software for the computerized management of the desktop and integrated devices, focusing on the development of complete and usable solutions for its own clients. LANDesk Software has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and offices in America, Europe and Asia. For further information on LANDesk Software, the corporate site can be found at