PAT launches InfiniteCRM, the first applicative solution for all CRM strategies

PAT, frontrunning Italian company specializing in the design and production of e-CRM solutions, today presents InfiniteCRM, the enterprise-level CRM solution that allows all sales, marketing and customer service processes to be managed by integrating all the information held by the company into a single database.

InfiniteCRM is the result of the integration of CustomerAct and InfinitePortal, products that have allowed PAT to gain the respect of over 4000 companies, thanks to the flexibility of the solutions offered. Completely redesigned in order to take advantage of the experience accumulated over years of presence in businesses, InfiniteCRM adds further functions to those already present in the products that have been merged together to produce it.

In fact, the LOB (Line of Business) concept – that is, the possibility for each company to choose the most suitable tools for its own requirements – originates from the experience of numerous installations. For exactly this reason, there are modules available within InfiniteCRM to meet all requirements:
•    SALES FORCE AUTOMATION, which includes functionalities for the management of tasks and sales offers;
•    CUSTOMER CARE, the module for the coordination of processes of interaction with customers;
•    MARKETING AUTOMATION, for marketing activity;
•    CONTACT CENTER, for call center monitoring and management;
•    CUSTOMER SERVICE, capable of integrating all the functionalities present in the Customer Care LOB with those contained within the HelpdeskAdvanced application.
Further optional modules are also available, such as IPOUTLOOK, which makes information held in InfiniteCRM available in Microsoft Outlook™ and IPMOBILE, which allows all options to be managed from a mobile device; ADVANCED REPORTS, for the analysis of all information contained within InfiniteCRM; CTI OUTBOUND, for integration with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) platforms; POWERFINDER, the module for searching for documents and information held within iCrm and the company network; and IP UNIVERSAL CONNECTOR, which allows external web services to connect to InfiniteCRM. Finally, PAT REPORTING DESIGNER allows reports to be created within InfiniteCRM, and Business Data Analyzer (BDA) is an applicative tool which allows the analysis and interactive management of data, supported by geographic maps.

Thanks to these features, InfiniteCRM becomes a made-to-measure CRM application, as it allows the customer to choose and implement only those elements which he needs, and can be integrated with all the other software used by the company, adapting itself to the rhythms of growth.

PAT has developed the entire InfiniteCRM platform using Microsoft.Net technology, so guaranteeing ease of use and a high level of compatability. iCrm integrates itself into the company infrastructure through the use of web services, which guarantee full compatability with different technological and applicative platforms. The application allows one of the highest ROIs (Return on Investment) thanks to its approach, which supports personalized use for the individual roles of application users, notably reducing the amount of time invested and significantly simplifying everyday use.

The InfiniteCRM interface is user-friendly, containing a small number of clear elements, easy to use and to customize thanks to its architecture, flexible on more than one level, and easily integrable with other web applications and services.
From now on the call center can really be integrated into the company, carrying out its activity based directly on the company database – which, thanks to InfiniteCRM, is unique.