Pellegrini spa chooses InfiniteCRM

The company Pellegrini Spa, one of the most important presences in the IT and office automation fields in the Triveneto area, has the mission of providing integrated solutions, offering customers state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions such as office automation, relating to multiple company departments.

Their massive presence in the area, coupled with the need to expand, and at the same time reinforce, their own offer, convinced Pellegrini Spa of the benefits of adopting a CRM solution. After a careful search the company has decided to adopt PAT’s InfiniteCRM technology to improve and rationalize the management of their sales structure on a national level.

There were two main requirements: on one hand to provide the sales force with a single work tool, and on the other to bring together in one place all the functionalities and applications present in the company, placing them at the sales force’s service and making them available and usable immediately and organically.

Thanks to the benefits derived from InfiniteCRM’s ease of integration and functional openness, along with the company’s technological expertise, the project has been launched and made operational in just two weeks from installation at the head office in Mestre. In addition, just 30 days after the actual start of the project, the client has already been able to detect and confirm a return on the investment made, more organic and organized activity on the part of the sales force, and an enrichment in the information held on each customer, on top of the immediate benefit of having access to a single database where every detail on a customer can be found, rather than having to navigate among different applications.