Self-service customer support through the web with from PAT

Completely integrated with HelpdeskAdvanced, the new customer support portal introduces innovative functionalities, accessible using any web browser.

Guaranteeing a service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without additional costs. To turn this dream into a reality, PAT, leading Italian company specializing in the design and production of e-CRM solutions, has developed, a new advanced portal dedicated to customer care/service. can be completely configured and personalized – a solution designed to fully respond to the demands of all those companies that use PAT’s HelpdeskAdvanced platform, and which offers system users the facility to access a personalized environment based on their own specific requirements in terms of information and support.
Using a portal approach, iWeb natively offers web-self-service features, and makes various functionalities available to users based on individual business functions. Thanks to a dedicated management console, the user can add new modules, customize the graphic environment, and produce statistics on various users’ access and use, so monitoring the tool’s effectiveness and impact.
Customers who decide to use iWeb will receive access parameters on request, using which they will also be able to directly download HelpDeskAdvanced version 6.0.
Thanks to the use of Microsoft™ .net technology, guarantees high scalability, reliability and performance, and is designed to be completely integrated with HelpdeskAdvanced, without any need for reconfiguration or re-entering of data, so making the most of the support logic and capabilities that the company has set up and used previously. Even those users who already have the HDA web module can use iWeb’s functionalities. is available for the SBE, Standard and Professional editions of HDA, and works in a Windows 2000/Windows 2003 operating environment.
Efficiency is a fundamental prerogative for excellent customer support: offers customers a simple and intuitive approach, support 24/7 without the need for the physical presence of a remote operator, interactive dialogue with other users through a specifically-themed discussion forum, access to an FAQ area, and searches through integration with the Powerquery® search engine. If customers then need online support and to directly contact the company’s support service, they can interact through WebSupport by using the chat, file transfer and remote control functionalities, among others.
“Offering better services doesn’t necessarily mean increasing business costs. signals a new performance benchmark for all those companies that need to offer remote support services and require a reduction in support costs” underlines Patrizio Bof, Sole Director of PAT. “Through the use of a simple web browser, you can guarantee not only typical helpdesk functionalities, but also new functions that allow users and customers to carry out real web-self-service activity. All things considered, offering better services reduces support costs”. Modules and Functionalities

Ticket: opening, reminders management and monitoring of tasks undertaken by the support center
Forum: facility to manage public forums relating to problems or the sharing of information with other service users
FAQ: this function allows the inclusion of Frequently Asked Questions, managed by the system administrator, which give users access to information, cases and types of problems that have already been resolved
Web Self Service: thanks to Powerhelpdesk® technology, the integrated search engine within HDA can be used to dynamically search for and check any solutions that have already been entered into the problems/solutions database; if no solutions exist that can provide suitable answers, a support ticket can be automatically opened
News: dynamic news items can be entered and managed, and will appear according to the type of user accessing the information and support service. In this way users will always be informed.
Link: this module allows you to dynamically manage links to sites or solutions present on websites or in other places.
Download Area: makes files in any format available to IWeb users, so creating a simple and effective catalog that is shared with all users.