HelpdeskAdvanced 6.5 for outstanding client service. The latest version of HDA is now available.

The new version of our flagship professional solution is dedicated to companies of all sizes which need to provide helpdesk, support services and customer care to add value to their clients and create a more personal, solid, long-lasting and beneficial relationship.

Our 15 years’ experience in the design and development of eCRM solutions make our HDA one of the industry’s leading solutions for customer care. Available in three versions for large, medium and small companies and 100% web-based if required, the new version of HelpdeskAdvanced 6.5 can be used using a normal internet browser and integrated with email, and portable and mobile devices.

Our Helpdesk solutions incorporate management tools for personalized Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on differing company needs. Every request for assistance can be assigned a priority level and a series of specific actions which enable escalation of the request as advised by an operator and/or team member, automatically monitoring the necessary activity. In addition, the system offers the possibility to manage notification and warning messages in different forms, bi-directionally, via email, text message (SMS) and Wap.

The new functionality of HelpdeskAdvanced 6.5:
IWebPRO: enables easy access by support staff via the web, using a Microsoft browser, and the complete management of activities and requests (tickets). This module guarantees therefore the availability of information, support requests and their management simply by connecting to the internet, enabling technical staff or other operators to manage problems remotely.
More powerful iWeb: the portal dedicated to supporting users and/or clients represents more and more the mainstay of a solid web-based self-service strategy and the provision of 24/7 service, guaranteeing a dramatic reduction in time for the management of requests for information and support while offering services for the automatic resolution of preblems without needing to open an ticket. In addition, it offers an easily personalizable interface for the system administration.
Integration with PowerFinder: this is the solution’s “search engine” for searching and indexing documents, information, records and tickets archived in the HDA system and company network.
Fully personalized dashboards can be created: it’s possible to create personalized graphs in order to analyze the fundamental parameters of the assistance service, such as, for example, the movement of tickets, resources etc.
Support of new languages: today HDA 6.5 supports Italian, English, Spanish, German, French, Polish and Russian.
Strengthening of the supervision interface: this new interface functionality enables the monitoring of up to 20 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and can be completely personalized by the user, thus providing really effective service proactiveness and the constant monitoring of what is happening in terms of customer satisfaction and critical situations.
ITIL support: Improved ITIL-compliant functionality has been introduced as well as the ITIL dictionary, made available with the aim of enabling this standard to be incorporated more easily. Our HelpdeskAdvanced Professional solution, which is listed as fully ITIL Compliant, has already been adopted by a number of Italian and international organizations which have decided to comply with this standard.