PAT presents BDA2008. The new release of the interactive tool for the analysis of company data using geographical representation

PAT has announced the immediate availability of BDA2008 (Business Data Analyzer), the new release of the software which analyzes company business in a clear and intuitive way using geographical maps.

BDA2008 perfectly complements the CRM or ERP solutions, to assist key staff in marketing, sales, customer service  and logistics departments to correctly interpret the results obtained and make quick decisions about what action to take. BDA2008 is state-of-the-art technology and offers the possibility to import data coming from other systems by the use of webservices™ technology, ensuring information is constantly updated and providing companies with crucial support for their most important decision-making needs.
Information is constantly updated using an agreement with Microsoft and by means of the MapPoint technology. BDA2008 includes maps for all current European member states as well as a vast array of statistical information (population density, qualifications etc.). The new release is faster than the previous version, is more intuitive and area definition is dynamic. Being fully interactive, it substitutes the application interface, thus enabling data to be interpreted easily.

BDA2008 can:
- Generate lists based on geographical location and user-defined criteria
- Carry out multiple tasks on seleted points
- Export data, import lists, printouts and reports,
- Offers both online and offline functionality

BDA2008 is the indespensible tool for sales and marketing departments because it enables precise analysis of the trends relating to a particular product in a chosen area or the sales of a particular agent, to coordinate technical staff and so reduce the number of requests for support received by the customer services department. With BDA2008, the logistics department can get a graphical snapshot of the current situation of orders and organize movements better.

Since the system is completely integrated with our InfiniteCRM (iCRM) and HelpdeskAdvanced software solutions, the bidirectional intraction and representation of the data contained in them is instant. BDA2008 is available for local setups and connection through webservices; alternatively it offers the possibility to import the required information from other databases quickly and easily.