A company customer centric: a policy to carry out

To be “customer centric” for a company must not only to mean to get a CRM software, instead it must mean that the company has to spread the message that customer is the center of all business activities.
How is it possible to create a customer centric strategy? First of all there are company’s resources and culture: if one part it’s simple to train employees on the activities of the company (business or instruments), from the other it’s more difficult to impress a mentality and a customer-oriented attitude. In addition, a correct training on each customer should be made to employees, so that the customer becomes actually a known person in the company.

The aim is only one: to reassure the customer that will have all the attention and the answers he needs.

It’s important that all departments reflect the internal customer-centric culture for two reasons: first, because this strategy helps you work better, the second because the gap between the treatment that a client receive from an expert collaborator than from another, that doesn’t know the customer, risk undermining the relationship that hitherto has been built.