iPhone application for Fiat customer service

We are pleased to announce that CIAO FIAT MOBILE, the new customer service application for the Apple Community, is available on the App Store.

This is an application based completely on PAT’s H-care technology which delivers customised content and processes for each user, managed directly through the Authoring Tool module.
CIAO FIAT MOBILE is the original Fiat application for iPhone: it has been created to go everywhere and be on hand for customers at all times. It’s designed to provide information and assistance quickly and easily. CIAO FIAT MOBILE will remind you when you have to renew your license. It will help you locate your car in one of those vast shopping mall parking lots and will also find nearby car dealerships and mechanics.
The application also allows users to contact FIAT for assistance, to send suggestions on how to improve the services offered, or book a test drive of a new model at the dealership closest to home.

The application is integrated with social networks like Flickr and YouTube and is connected to the Company’s official site where users can read FIAT’s latest news.

The most interesting functions are undoubtedly the maintenance reminders, which, with easily understandable diagrams, will help you be aware of what you should check and when. Plus the ability to access your user guide and maintenance manual directly on your phone is fantastic as is the ability to ask the application to remind you when your driving license is about to expire.