PAT and CBT together to meet Service Management needs

The two companies will combine their strengths to support a range of organisations in their optimisation and cost reduction processes.

 The PAT Group today announced it has signed a partnership with CBT Cosmic Blue Team with the goal of supporting public and private organisations in adopting Service Management strategies.

In the current market environment companies are showing an increasing interest in Service Management applications with the aim of reducing costs and increasing the scope of the services offered. Thanks to the experience and technical skills offered by PAT and CBT, businesses will benefit from innovative solutions which will reduce costs and improve processes, both key factors in success.

The terms of the agreement provide for the distribution of PAT Group’s flagship HelpdeskAdvanced solution for ITSM by CBT throughout Italy. CBT will offer the solution both on site and on demand via integration with its EasyCloud infrastructure®, an industrialised cloud computing product provided via CBT’s data centres in Milan and Rome.

CBT will also be the first nationally certified partner for distributing and integrating the HelpdeskAdvanced solution for ITSM and Symantec Altiris, which will enable companies to optimise and simplify their IT Governance process. All this will be possible via an easy to implement tool that does not require long set-up or configuration times.

This partnership will allow PAT to increase its penetration in leading companies in the market, especially Government and State offices” said Patrizio Bof, Managing Director and founder of PAT. “Part of our strategy to increase market share is to engage in strategic partnerships with companies that, like CBT, have a consolidated presence nationwide. I am confident that this agreement will allow us to provide innovative solutions that meet genuine Service Management needs“.

After researching Service Management solutions both in Italy and abroad we chose HelpdeskAdvanced because it completely meets our technical and functional requirements while guaranteeing the highest quality ” said Flavio Radice, General Manager of CBT. “We believed so much in the potential of this solution that we have adopted it for use in our own service desk“.

With over 400 active installations and over 10,000 users, HelpdeskAdvanced is one of the market leading Service Management solutions. The suite, which includes the best practice ITIL v3, supports companies in the optimisation of service desk, support service and customer care processes.