PAT continues to grow and invest in the development of Marketing and Sales

Milan, May 24, 2012 – with over 600 customers, 15 thousand active licenses and a global presence in 12 countries based on a growing network of VARs and qualified partners, the PAT Group has continued to produce double-digit growth in sales and has increased staff to support the growing sales network and technical department. This result was reached at a significant moment in the history of the company which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary.

To consolidate this success we decided to launch a number of new initiatives: Increased staff at our new offices in Milan, an area of strategic importance that allows us to strengthen and support our marketing and commercial business. This means that the sales team will be even closer to the majority of our customers who are headquartered in Milan.

This development of the marketing and commercial area is also in anticipation of future growth, in particular for our Milan office. We anticipate new professionals, and developing partnerships with leading companies allowing us to better penetrate markets such as the Government and State, where we most want to strengthen our presence.

PAT’s other goal this year is to further develop our own solutions in 2.0. This will help companies offer their clients a valuable customer experience based on new technologies in order to optimise the use of the Web as a strategic interaction channel.

These results have enabled us to engage on multiple fronts and launch a series of strategic initiatives to respond rapidly to the needs of our customers,” said Patrizio Bof, manager and founder of PAT. “Our goal is to work side by side as partners with organisations in developing a multi-channel customer experience and to give a structured response to their desire for a broader level of service from IT vendors which goes beyond technology implementation“.