PAT Group for TUA Assicurazioni: integrated solutions for Agents

The case of TUA Assicurazioni, the innovative insurance company owned by Cattolica Group, is a real success story. It has been operating since 2004 and is present throughout Italy with 105 subsidiary companies. It has over 250 agents, 120,000 customers and 180,000 live insurance policies.

From the beginning Tua Assicurazioni made high quality service a priority in their distribution network, with local agencies and subsidiaries in franchising. To this day they employ advanced working tools and sophisticated technologies so as to offer their customers not only the best security solutions but also an exceptional service.
Since 2008 there has been a change in the regulations in the sector and as a result increased competition in the insurance field. In this difficult environment, TUA intended to develop a network of agents along with its subsidiary companies. With the entry of these into the company and with a growing range of products on offer Tua Assicurazioni soon found itself managing a significantly wider network of agencies with increasingly diverse needs. However TUA Assicurazioni was keen to preserve the ability for agents to communicate with the company by phone, email, web or fax. At the same time, they wanted to adopt a single system which would be fully centralised and integrated into company processes accessible via the web in order to handle multiple requests of a variety of types. This meant allowing access to the system for a range of users, each with different action profiles: 24/7 agents opening and tracking the requests; CSR users for technical and operational support requests; users from the technical area for more complex requests; IT for the infrastructure needs and application support; marketing for business support requests… and so on for the remaining business areas.
The choice, after a thorough preliminary analysis of Italian and international vendors, fell on PAT and its associate company H-care with which they began to cooperate in order to develop the project and manage the implementation process.
TUA Assicurazioni has found in HelpdeskAdvanced (HDA) from PAT the right solution for the creation of a new system in order to handle company requests. This program is called TUA Fast. HelpdeskAdvanced serves as a single platform that collects agents’ communications received through email and via the web. It is fully integrated with the H-care Intelligent IVR system to manage the telephone and fax channel. The system associates to each request an unique identifier and maintains a record of which agent created it. The HDA database was integrated with qualitative data about each agent so as to categorise them into a range of classes for management of the requests while also considering the source of the report. From this system users can always keep track of the progress of each request and the channel (or channels) through which it is/was handled, the handler and resolution times.
This new system has allowed TUA Assicurazioni to significantly reduce response times for all requests. Simple requests can be handled in less than 2 hours while more complex requests are dealt with on average within 48 hours.