Symantec Altiris and HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM: high value-added integration for complete and effective IT Governance

Symantec and PAT Group have integrated their solutions to offer companies an even more efficient IT Governance process.

Milan, June 29, 2012 – PAT Group and Symantic decided to build on their common strengths and integrate HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM with Altiris. This historic evolution and combination of PAT solutions for IT Service Management with Altris will offer optimised and simplified IT Governance processes through an enhanced service desk. This software is also available on next-generation devices, like tablets and smartphones.

HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM is the only Italian product, and one of the very few internationally, to be integrated with Symantec Altiris. This integration, available in two versions, Live and Process, was created with the aim of providing a tool for easy implementation and adoption and which does not require lengthy set-up or configuration.

The main advantages users can immediately benefit from are: the ability to receive and operate bi-directionally on data stored in the two applications, the ease of use of Desktop Management tools, and the ability to activate the service desk platform with reduced set-up times via a single management console (which significantly improves internal operations).

The integration between the Symantec solution and PAT Group’s HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM,” stressed Lina Novetti, Symantec’s Southern Director New Business Security & Cloud, “is a demonstration of the Altiris platform’s full integration capability with third-party solutions, processes or procedures already in place. The ability to orchestrate IT processes and govern the interactions between a range of technological tools, regardless of the device or medium used, has made it possible to extend the functionality available by Symantec Altiris and HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM. It must also be recognised that PAT is one of the very few ISV companies in Italy that, in a short time, has succeeded in reaching a high level of integration and advanced functionality which demonstrate their ability to operate successfully in the crowded ITSM and IT Governance processes space“.

Companies are increasingly looking for products that help simplify and improve internal IT Governance processes” added Patrizio Bof, Managing Director and founder of PAT, “and this integration allows us to respond fully to this need with a solution that represents the best of breed in the field of administration management“.

PAT and Symantec have also become qualified partners on their respective solutions so as to provide expert one-stop implementation of both solutions.

The main features provided by the integration between Altiris and HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM are:

Live, the Basic version:

-Asset Discovery: allows upload and automated updating of the devices detected and managed by Altiris and defined as asset in HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM, configuring them through filters that determine what data and information to transfer;

-Remote Control: allows use of the remote access function available in Altiris for a selected device directly from the HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM interface.

-Single View on ticket and asset: provides access to the interface of the device imported from Altiris through the HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM ticket detail screen and provides access to more information or specific functions and actions in Altiris.

-Ticket generation directly from resource list or detail.

-Ticket history for a particular resource available at all times.

-Alert Management: Alerts can be pre-defined or configurable for integration with email events.

Process: offering advanced features in addition to the Live version:

-Task Management: allows running of customised tasks created and published in Altiris from the HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM interface.

-Patch Management: allows management of the distribution of patches and verification of vulnerabilities directly from within the HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM interface.

-Dashboard: allows access to dashboards or reports developed within the Altiris interface from HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM.

-Advanced Event Management: using BrainBusiness, the native BPM tool for HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM, it’s possible to define, control and automate customised workflows for managing asset-related events generated by Altiris.

Integration with workflow: native integration with Altiris workflow to manage the publication of functions which can be called up directly by the HelpdeskAdvanced for ITSM interface, to customize inventory or to create custom integration functions in the Altiris interface.