Technological innovation in Italy. According to Assinform the trend is for change.

Innovation is a subject very close to our heart. We rely on figures and information from the Assinform Report, always a reliable source for national analysis of the IT sector.

The word change comes up a lot in this year’s Assinform Report. The trend in the IT sector is for profound transformation, of greater impact even than

globalisation. This process is affecting the way we communicate, create and produce our systems. It affects the way we spend our free time and, in short, is changing our very lifestyle.

We already know that the market in Italy did not live up to expectations. Again in 2011 crises and recovery measures have restrained demand for IT widening the digital gap between Italy and leading European and global economies. The need to urgently stimulate growth is undeniable, by investing and believing.

This year’s report also sheds light on new trends. It shows a decline in traditional technological components while there is growth in companies that until now were excluded from previous reports. There is not only a digital evolution of entire sectors, such as content providers, services and entertainment products or special systems, but also for components originating from a closer convergence between IT and telecommunications. These components include cloud computing, mobile online services, document dematerialization and so on, up to social networks and the smart community. These companies highlight how the potential for IT demand is enormous, especially for SMEs.

The areas of change that require intervention are: ultra high-speed broadband diffusion, especially for businesses, favourable conditions for ecommerce, acceleration of eGovernment file management, development of digital skills, support for IT research and innovation, greater interaction between businesses, citizens and public administrations based on IT.