About PAT

For twenty years the PAT Group have been developing systems that enable companies to rapidly achieve their objectives of customer acquisition, customer experience and retention, increasing productivity on the strength of tangible cost reductions.

Right from the start PAT invested in the analysis, design and development of systems specifically orientated to the sectors of customer service, care, retention and loyalty. These skills enabled the company to effectively respond to real market demands, which in recent years have seen a considerable increase of interest in interpersonal relations. This attention to market trends enabled PAT to offer their customers an array of solutions unique within the sector, perfectly integrating the different needs of the diverse company areas and extending through after-sales, sales, marketing and administration.

To complete their range of applications, based on the experience developed in the numerous implementations in Italy and abroad combined with strategic partnerships, PAT can also support their customers in the sectors of organizational consulting and specialized training, as well as the supply of selected third party tools to ensure the rapid and effective achievement of the specific business objectives of their customers.