Founded in 1992 in the Province of Treviso in Italy, PAT was set up by Patrizio Bof, current President and Managing Director, as a company providing software systems for retail stores and sales process management.
Within a few years the company had become consolidated in the local area and began extending outwards into ever broader markets within Italy. The innovative spirit that has always inspired the company soon imposed itself shifting the core business entirely into computer systems. The name chosen for the company was a foresight for the direction in which the company would move over the years: PAT is an acronym for “Progetti per l’Automazione Totale” (Total Automation Projects).
Over these years the foundations were laid for the development of the Company’s flagship CRM and Helpdesk applications. The decision to orient initial research towards these sectors was particularly prescient: at the time in Italy computer technology was virtually unknown to many, while the concept of Customer Relationship Management was only considered by the biggest market operators.
A first giant step was achieved in 1998, when PAT established a partnership agreement with Telecom Italia. This alliance significantly extended the Company’s horizons, in particular as regards the very first software developed which stands out as the first in Italy to be entirely Customer Centric.

The company continued to strive in this direction, basing their Vision on the realization of customer-centric applications that allow companies to quickly fulfill their objectives of customer acquisition and retention, increasing productivity against tangible cost reductions.
During the early 2000s PAT were awarded their first prizes and mentioned at the most important trade fairs for the sector. The prizes awarded at SMAU both for CustomerAct and for HelpdeskAdvanced provided new thrust and energy to the company, who as a result became increasingly well known and sought after by countless customers throughout Italy.
The subsequent projects fully established the company’s position, making them one of the most important and competitive players in the CRM market, not only in Italy but also alongside the best known international systems.
This permitted the Management to make a range of decisions which would impact the growth of the company: expand the technical and business development team, establish partnerships with retailers spanning the domestic market and open other offices in strategic locations like Rome and Milan. At the end of 2006 the company Activa was acquired with the aim of becoming the web division of PAT, with specific competence for the development and design of web services.
Also fundamental was the acquisition of H-care in 2010, which reinforced the company’s capacity to design and construct advanced multichannel customer experience systems. On the entry of the latter company and the unification of the offices in Treviso, PAT acquired the denomination of Group. Today the PAT Group employs around 50 staff.

Having reached its twentieth birthday the PAT Group can count on a solid experience in the IT and customer care integration sector with over 600 customers in Italy and abroad.