The Group

The PAT Group offer their services to organizations in all sectors, as 360° partners for the creation of a multichannel customer experience. On the strength of consolidated design experience and in-depth consulting skills in the development of relational marketing strategies, PAT can effectively accompany private and public sector companies in the creation of a coherent and engaging relationship with users, leveraging multiple contact channels in order to satisfy all the needs of partner companies. This is achieved by exploiting PAT’s application platforms for CRM management, helpdesk and technical assistance and their systems for managing and interacting with customers.

Right from the beginning PAT focused their Vision on the realization of ‘customer-centric’ business applications that allow companies to quickly achieve their objectives of customer acquisition and retention, increasing productivity based on tangible cost reductions. This is possible thanks to applications that facilitate information management and relations between company departments, improving customer management processes and increasing efficiency. PAT’s business solutions are specifically oriented towards customer service, care, retention and loyalty. In March 2010 the acquisition of H-care was finalized in order to reinforce the company’s ability to design and construct a multichannel customer experience, also strengthening PAT with valuable technologies for customer interaction management.

The Group can thus accompany companies through the creation of a unified and engaging customer relations process, leveraging multiple contact channels in order to satisfy all the needs of client companies.
The Group is staffed by a dynamic group of professionals guided by Patrizio Bof, the founder and current President and Managing Director of the company. With offices in Milan, Treviso and Rome, PAT distribute their systems throughout Italy, Europe and around the world through a widespread network of VARs and qualified Partners.