Partner area

The experience acquired by the PAT Group over twenty years’ activity has demonstrated that every market has specific features and requirements that need to be understood, analyzed and resolved through direct participation within each local area. For this purpose PAT have always collaborated closely with our Partners, who not only present and implement the Group’s systems in vertical sectors and specific fields, but also make their own contribution towards improving the systems, especially in response to feedback from client companies.

An alliance that represents growth

Companies that adhere to PAT’s Partner Program achieve a true enhancement to their product portfolio for Corporate Business and Management. Promoting and selling their own services in integration with the Customer Relationship Management, Service Desk and IT Service Management systems proposed by PAT generates reciprocally advantageous business opportunities.

The objective is to successfully establish our systems in new contexts and create lasting business relations. Partners that establish enduring relations adhere to the Group’s business Vision and shared growth objectives.

PAT’s Partner Program offers various initiatives to promote and strengthen collaboration: a preferential channel for technical support, training sessions for a clear understanding of PAT systems and customized promotional initiatives.

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