One competitive advantage a company can leverage almost immediately is the information sitting in their own corporate networks etc. Efficient collection and analysis of this data enables management to make assessments and estimates on the company and the market they work in.

“Make a habit of looking at the issues based on hard data and then move forward based on the facts they demonstrate”


The adoption of a Business Intelligence system means that management can work to transform consciously collected data and information. Analyzing company processes and performance therefore provides concrete assistance in strategic decision-making while delivering precise, up to date, significant and relevant information.

BiPlus is the preferred solution for the analysis and provisional management of information contained within PAT Group applications including InfiniteCRM, HelpdeskAdvanced and CommercePlus.

Based on Qliktech technology, it provides management with the most accurate and detailed analysis on process performance so as to define what are the best business strategies to put into place.

Advanced Business Analysis has become absolutely fundamental for companies of all types who are looking to complete their organizational processes via rapid analysis of all the information in their systems so as to monitor, via Key Performance Indicators (KPI) both business and process performance.

Creating analysis and reports with BiPlus is made easy by the rich suite of guided functionality (auto-composition) accompanied by exhaustive, clear explanations. The user interface provides multiple modes of data and information view such as Pivot tables, Graphs with infinite drill down/drill up functions and dashboards.

BiPlus has been built on the most advanced technology available, Qliktech, which has made its name based on how quickly personalized interfaces can be set up for each individual scenario or use, its powerful calculation and elaboration engine for large amounts of data and associated databases which makes complex analysis available even on a simple PC.

BiPlus finally makes thorough analysis of business processes and creation of overviews based on the profiles/skillsets of staff quick and easy.