BiPlus is an open platform which uses a powerful design and analysis engine making it possible to interact independently with the information contained within other PAT applications. BiPlus provides rapid access to data analysis of all types as well as rapid, accurate support to interaction requirements between different dimensions and/or prospectives based on the information contained within the system. The results can be exported as graphs both in Windows format and via the web ensuring that they are both easy to use and understand.

Integration designed and applied by PAT has resulted in the implementation of several significant features, including:


Databases which natively include connections with all the applications developed are made available. ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) is the set of features created in Scripting language on which database integration and definition for InfiniteCRM, HelpdeskAdvanced e CommercePlus is defined.

Theme-based analysis

Report scenarios giving simple, rapid results are available right from installation.


To make the most of this tool BiPlus is supplied based on a broad Server/Client Licensing program designed to accommodate companies of all sizes.