From uncontrolled processes… to full automation.

In many companies tasks, resources and data are put together and managed within company processes in an uncontrolled and often chaotic manner. Business Process Management is a procedure for automating, controlling and improving the efficiency of company processes.

The success of a company depends significantly on the quality of the management of its processes.

Why automate company IT processes using a Business Process Orchestrator?


Define, optimize, monitor and integrate your company processes in order to establish a methodology that renders company business activities more efficient and effective: not an easy objective to achieve. The procedure for automating, checking and improving the efficiency of processes within a company is defined as Business Process Management and serves for the effective management of resources, tasks and company processes, reducing the hold-ups and errors that hinder internal and external procedures.

BrainBusiness improves the process management performance of your company.

BrainBusiness, the Business Process Orchestrator developed by PAT, was created for the automation of IT processes managed using InfiniteCRM and HelpdeskAdvanced.

This native software for PAT applications provides control and automation for CMR processes, customer care and IT Service Management, reducing latency times and significantly reducing the possibility for errors within the processes themselves.

Native and integratable

With its immediate installation and native integration with HelpdeskAdvancedInfiniteCRM and all the other solutions offered by PAT, BrainBusiness also easily interfaces externally, integrating with other applications and services used within your processes through Webservices (SOAP/WSDL) and connectors created ad hoc.

BrainBusiness includes various functions that distinguish it from the other BPOs on the market. In addition to its main functions for the editing of processes both with analysis and the design and monitoring of established processes, BrainBusiness also enables the creation of forms to interface the information flow from outside, making use of the latest generation mobile devices and tablet PCs.