Rapid, secure solution

  • Utilizable both internally (intranet) and externally (extranet)
  • Offers centralized application maintenance
  • Quick and reliable
  • Provides native https support
  • Supports digital certificates for system access

100% web-based and usable

  • Provides a single operational interface optimized for use by all operators
  • Easy and intuitive data access and look-ups
  • Portal-layout for independent access to all important data
  • Fully configurable for every use

Complete integration with all company applications

  • Dialogues successfully with all company systems
  • Takes specific functionality to the web
  • Full mobile integration

Modular and scalable to suit all needs

  • Responds to individual company needs
  • Provides permission-based access to specific data items
  • Limited, scalable investment
  • Reduces training costs

Designed to respond effectively to the needs of all company types

  • Native multilingual support by nation/currency
  • Synchronized currency, country and language management
  • Provides support for organizational units