Software infrastructure

Native integration with third party software: HelpDeskAdvanced 10 can easily integrate with third party solutions and systems.


It is possible to exchange data to/from external applications in these ways:

  • Web Services: HelpdeskAdvanced 10 supports Web Services SOAP, that allows to access to the entities managed by the system in read only mode and in write mode;
  • BrainBusiness: using the potentialities of Brain Business it’s possible to integrate HelpdeskAdvanced 10 with third part solutions using Web Services SOAP or REST in the most common processes (approval processes, objects editing, customized processes);
  • Customized extensions: when it’s required to show information stored in external systems HelpdeskAdvanced 10 allows to develop “extensions” that allows to customize information arriving from external systems (widget, template html, links,..).

It’s also possible to connect the HelpdeskAdvanced 10 instance to your own company network using a VPN, allowing to have an integrated system in a safe environment.

HelpdeskAdvanced 10  can integrate with the most common solution in the market of ERP, Security, Remote Control, Software Distribution, Contact Center and others.