Teammee integration

HelpdeskAdvanced 10 and Teammee: two integrated solutions that create a centralized environment for the organization and management of workflows.

What’s Teammee?
Teammee is a Enterprise Social Network platform that introduce in the compant innovative ways of communication, relationship, sharing and collaboration. Use tools that are used by the social media with the purpose of increase the productivity and of improve the work quality.

The two integrated solutions allows to reply effectively to the complexity and the speed of the modern work creating an unique solution of IT Service Management and Social Collaboration.
Cost centers, activities, documents, conversations and people in the same environment with integrated tools that allow to optimize the workflows and to give value to the human and informative assets.

The integration between the solutions allows to create a dynamic environment that supports the feedback, the birth and diffusion of ideas, intuitions and knowledge. A capital of information that allows to reach quickly and effectively the best results.

With this integration, the company that implements HelpdeskAdvanced 10 will have:

  • a repository for materials, documents and best practices always available
  • work groups, dedicated to specific work orders, incident resolution and particular warnings
  • a not formal tool to have access to the information, suggestions and knowledge for the frequented asked questions made by the customers.