More than 10 years’ experience make InfiniteCRM one of the most robust Customer Relationship Management platforms on the Italian and international market.
Not just CRM but an advanced technological system chosen by more than 200 companies to provide the best possible service to their most priceless asset: their customers.

InfiniteCRM is an innovative solution for CRM, lead management and the automation, control and analysis of sales processes, fully integratable with other IT platforms and compatible with all types of company infrastructure.

Now in its third version InfiniteCRM now offers technological developments in the mobile device sector and social media, also dedicating particular attention to business process management for total management of company activities in order to provide customers with the best possible service.

With over 200 installed systems nationally and internationally and 10 years’ experience, InfiniteCRM is the most innovative solution available for CRM, lead management and automation with control and analysis of sales processes.