How many languages does InfinteCRM support?

InfiniteCRM supports 6 languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French

Is it possible to integrate InfiniteCRM with other business management software?

The use of the XML protocol and Webservices technology (available native within the platform itself) makes integration between InfiniteCRM and other applications possible, in particular with the most widely used ERP systems on the market.

Can I manage process flows with your CRM?

Yes. This is possible thanks to BrainBusiness, the Business Process Orchestrator for the automation of processes.

How can I find out whether InfiniteCRM is the right software for my business?

A product demo is available online with our specialized staff, or a visit to your offices by one of our experts can be arranged.

Can I use InfiniteCRM from home?

InfiniteCRM offers a wide range of options for connecting to your profile: office client, laptop at home or a smartphone/tablet. All that is required is an Internet connection.

I would like my company to use CRM but my collaborators have different roles and need different information. I would also like certain information to be visible only to certain members of staff.

The InfiniteCRM user profile is the first big step towards the construction of the work environment. It is possible to define user by user what information to use and what actions they can take. It is also possible to create temporary or permanent workgroups, dividing them by tasks, skills, product sector or function, or even by geographical area.

I have a lot of computer programs in the company and each one requests registration at start up and I have to enter my details, sometimes also varying according to the computer environment. How does your CRM behave?

PAT adopted a single sign-on system some time ago. When implemented this enables access to the CRM platform simply by accessing the Domain. This also improves internal computer security.

My customer database is stored in a non SQL database. If I want to keep it aligned with the CRM database, what can I do?

We encounter situations like this in most of our projects. The PAT team have developed very efficient connectors for interfacing with the majority of management systems on the market. If it’s necessary to develop a connector the team are on hand to find the most functional solution possible.

As IT Manager I have always outsourced systems management. What do I need to do to be able to use your platform?

We can install InfiniteCRM on your outsourcer farm, even on virtual machines. Alternatively we offer a completely remote option called SaaS which only requires Internet access by clients and nothing more.

Can InfiniteCRM import and export pre-existing data created by other systems?

Certainly, whether it originates from a spreadsheet or records from other databases it is possible to convert them for use in InfiniteCRM just as it is possible to export data to other systems.

Our current CRM solution is not aligned with Outlook and it is impossible for me to reconstruct the emails sent to and received from customers.

InfiniteCRM includes integrated email among its functions and the exchange of emails is catalogued among the activities carried out. There is also an Outlook add-in that can synchronize InfiniteCRM with Outlook.

I have 10 agents but it is unlikely that they would all be using the CRM at the same time. Am I still obliged to purchase 10 licenses?

PAT apply a pricing policy that includes either single or multi-user licenses. The former are assigned and limited to single users. Multi-user licenses would best suit your needs. You purchase a minimum of 5 licenses and the first 5 users that connect are given access until they log off when the slots become available to other authorized users.

I understand that InfiniteCRM could be useful for the automation of the sales force but I want a product suite that also covers marketing and customer assistance.

InfiniteCRM comprises 4 LOBs: SFA (Sales Force Automation) for managing the sales force; Marketing, for managing campaigns across multiple channels and of large scale; Customer Care, for supporting customers and their products; Call Centre, for those operating a call center with operators and significant outbound or inbound flows.