Line of business

InfiniteCRM was developed to stand out from the other software packages available on the market above all by virtue of its functional composition. The idea underlying this instrument emerged from studies in the sector which highlighted how expensive and complicated it is to implement a CRM strategy inside an organization and the importance of adopting an instrument that correctly interprets company logic. In response to this, InfiniteCRM was conceived introducing the concept of Line of Business. The LOBs represent “macro-areas” of company activity, internal divisions within which companies typically need to correctly manage their customer information.

The LOBs available in InfiniteCRM specifically cover the management functions for the Sales, Marketing, Customer Care and Call Centre areas.
To complete the range of applications, a series of modules is provided, enabling integration of functions for a more elaborate and full management of the information archived in the CRM platform.

The most concrete advantage of this modularity is that any company can request and use only the LOBs and modules that are strictly necessary for their own business, without being obliged to purchase functionality they will rarely, if ever, need to use.

Accurate identification of LOBs and the necessary modules is the first step toward an effective management of your business.

Line Of Business:


Sales Force Automation (SFA) embraces all the functionality required by sales representatives, managers and directors for contacting customers and concentrating on what really matters: selling more and reducing administrative costs. The SFA LOB (Line Of Business) provides immediate handling of account management, activities, ToDo lists, offers and commercial documentation. Negotiations can be conducted and concluded more rapidly thanks to the most appropriate processing of commercial opportunities, performance analyses and automation mechanisms provided by this instrument, including integration with the company ERP system.
The company sales force at last have a full set of instruments on hand for the successful conclusion of their negotiations. Integration with the most up-to-date mobile operating systems makes this instrument usable on smartphones and tablets, giving agents real-time information on the customers they meet in the field.


Provides all the best instruments to facilitate and automate the company marketing office activities. The features supplied for this LOB render communication with customers, suppliers and partners more closely targeted and can be scheduled in advance with predetermined timing and precise deadlines. Advanced management of email marketing provides an indication of contact status and replies.
Activities regarding potential customers are precisely segmented, reducing the efforts of company staff both for the identification of the reference target and for carrying out the necessary operations. Every marketing initiative is tracked and measured, triggering automatic procedures based on results, or events, via management of specific workflows.
This LOB can also be integrated with geomarketing instruments, defining clusters for the activation of targeted communication initiatives.


The business of many companies is centered on the provision of telemarketing services for the promotion of their own products or those of third parties.
This LOB guarantees perfect synchronization between telephone and data management, allowing the company to maximize contacts and achieve an extremely high level of efficiency during outbound and inbound campaigns. The integration in both server and client modes with the most widely used CTI and switchboard systems ensures optimum use of your Call Centre resources. In addition to monitoring the activities of individual operators, supervisors can also define interactive telephone scripts and dashboards for the activities conducted, manage clusters in static or dynamic mode and conduct assisted information imports and exports.


This LOB enables an interactive approach to cluster assistance services, with the overall aim of providing a quality service that enhances Customer Satisfaction. The Customer Care LOB offers creation and management of assistance requests (tickets) arriving from diverse channels, including email, telephone, Internet. The tickets can be automatically sorted on the basis of predefined templates or assigned manually to the appropriate skills groups, who have all the information relevant to the customer and the request history available on a single screen.
It is also possible to manage workflows, the criteria for the automatic assignment of requests, integration with telephone devices and integration with email for the automatic management of replies to information requests.