InfiniteCRM Mobile

Everything you need, available 24/7, everywhere.

The evolution of InfiniteCRM towards the latest generation mobile platforms (iOS and Android) is the result of a strategy designed to increase the performance of the sales force and other personnel operating in the field. The staff are provided with a user-friendly solution which gives them real time consultation of all information on contacts, the ability to update activities conducted and interact with company processes. The availability of information already consulted, even in the absence of network cover and offline, makes InfiniteCRM the ideal tool to put into the hands of sales personnel and marketing managers who are constantly on the move and interacting with customers.

InfiniteCRM Mobile makes the information stored by InfiniteCRM available when you are on the move, fully respecting the authorizations and security levels of the central system without requiring any configuration or modification of the data itself. InfiniteCRM Mobile makes your data available on any device capable of supporting the new HTML5 technology, thus guaranteeing data access without any limitations on all Apple and Android devices, both tablets and smartphones.

InfiniteCRM Mobile dialogues with the central system using Webservices technology, making your data available online and also guaranteeing partial usability of recent data analysis when offline.


InfiniteCRM is designed to allow those working outside the office to rapidly access the essential information for their work, as well as interacting in read/write mode with contacts, accounts, appointments, activities and documents.