Complete your CRM strategy with the most appropriate instruments for you business. InfiniteCRM includes a series of operating modules that guarantee optimization of your management performance.


This module renders the information stored by InfiniteCRM available on the Microsoft Outlook™ platform, also for use in offline mode, enabling synchronization of appointments, contacts and email.


This guarantees an advanced analysis of all the information recorded in iCRM, with the option of setting up navigation functions between different data sets. It manages the automatic dispatch of information to subscribed service users.


This ensures integration with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) platforms in order to increase the efficiency of the contact center service.

TAPI Outbound

This insures integration with TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) platforms.

Integrazione Exchange

This integration system aligns the CRM diary with that of individual Microsoft Exchange users and synchronizes the contacts between the two systems.

Excel Export

Configuration of export models and exportation into Excel of templates, all conducted by the user.

Commercial configurator

Implement this configurator for full customization of the information, a necessary option in order to better adapt to the specific requests of customers.


Support portal for users/customers who can track the progress of their requests and check for the latest developments or updates. iWeb is connected to the Customer Care LOB.

PDF Add-In

Manages information, activities and ToDo’s offline with updating of the main system. It makes use of Adobe technology and only requires the free Acrobat Reader application.

Fax Add-In

Management of mass fax drop campaigns, with automatic recording of dispatch and verification of delivery status.

SMS Add-In

Integrated with SMS gateway devices, this add-in manages mass text message (SMS) campaigns with automatic recording of dispatch and verification of delivery status.


Development instruments for the InfiniteCRM environment and for integration with other applications or external tools.


Permits connection to InfiniteCRM by external Webservices for sharing information and making content available for additional uses.


A tool for generating reports within InfiniteCRM in html, xls, rtf and pdf formats. For use it requires a minimum understanding of database management.

BDA (Business Data Analyzer)

An application instrument integrated with the information recorded in iCRM, providing interactive analysis and management of the stored data with the assistance of geographic maps. Ideal for marketing, sales and customer service managers, it provides valuable support for improved organization of activities in the field. The instrument is provided in standard format including up-to-date maps.