Teamme integration

InfiniteCRM and Teammee are now integrated to offer the best experience of the sales process life cycle and customer service.

Teammee, integrated with the functionalities of InfiniteCRM allows managing in a social approach the contents present in a CRM project. Thanks to its native tools of social collaboration, Teammee allows to reinforce the relations between the actors involved in the whole process, involving different areas of the company. The integration permits to build a single repository of documents, contacts, prospects and activities assigned to the sales force or to the customer care.

Teammee allows you to build real-time conversations related to everything that is shared in InfiniteCRM in order to get information that can optimize the offer and quickly find the opportunities to make the customer experience unique and valuable.

With Teammee the sales approach becomes more social and community-oriented.

This means:

  • reduction of duplicated work
  • increase the efficiency and speed that the sales team have on opportunities
  • guarantees that shared knowledge is focused on the real problems of operation and customer requests
  • a better internal communication and between departments (marketing, sales, customer care)

Participating in a collaborative ecosystem of knowledge, organizations are able to accelerate their learning skills, but also their efficiency, innovation and agility.

The integration of InfiniteCRM with a platform of social collaboration leads to sharing best practices and information from below promoting the simplification of processes and timing of exchange regarding the knowledge base related to customers.

The integrated tools in Teammee also allow the commercial structure alignment on current activities and training in self-service mode.