What is the advantage for a company to be able to manage, in real time, the performance indicators tied to the management trend processes and strategic services?

The KPI (Key Performance Indicators) is an important information needed to define and understand if a company is doing well to reach its goals of efficiency and activity governance.
The importance of KPI is actually on its objectivity: unlike general values, KPI is a numerical tool that gives verifiable parameters on how the strategical processes are handled inside a company.

Plus is the innovative “add-on dashboard” that let you see informations, datas, and salient KPI in a immediate and intuitive way, concerning how services are handled and supplied inside the company through HelpdeskAdvanced, InfiniteCRM, BrainInteractive.

Plus gives out datas, informations and performance indexes through graphics dashboards, easy to visualize and totally customizable.
With the representation of process performance level, services and datas (either in real time or retroactive) “Plus” helps you having a complete, detailed and easy-to-look-at vision, of all the datas and informations to make an efficient analysis on how services are working.

Plus graphic dashboards can be used in every type of device (pc, tablet, smartphone, …)

Plus gives to whoever handles with the service management the possibility to have a complete, clear and detailed situation of datas and information, in order to opt for punctual and focused decisions on process handling.
Can be used either in service desk (HelpdeskAdvanced), in CRM (InfiniteCRM ) or in a multichannel dialogue with end-user (BrainInteractive). “Plus” add-on lets you extrapolate informations and datas with extreme facility of visualization and firmly tied to business process.

Some applications examples:

  • Service Desk and Queue waiting time
    Identifies timing for ticket/support management, differencing it by canalty/typology/department
  • Business unit efficiency/activity
    Visualize with the KPI the efficiency of each department involved in services supply
  • Status/SLA
    Identifies the pre-defined SLA subscription showing current and previous status
  • Task/activities/process
    Visualize KPI on activity/process status selecting from typology or department involved and informations to be visualized
  • Channel
    Identify datas concerning usage and efficiency of involved channels that handles with services supplied and interactions with end-user
  • Goals/Target
    Identifies on a dashboard the status of predefined goals and Pipeline