Plus is the innovative “add-on dashboard” that let you see informations, datas, and salient KPI in a immediate and intuitive way, concerning how services are handled and supplied inside your organization.

Real time datas

Datas are obtained through the data sync layer and given out in a virtual mode. You will be the one deciding which data you want on the dashboard    and in which modality


Gauge, incremental indicators and others graphic modalities can be added on the dashboard, based on your preferences and needs

Recap data and average

It is possible to visualize past datas or datas that were given in a certain time, identifying the averages, the variability index and the adhesion to SLA and/or given goals.
Plus dashboards can be personalized, adapting them to special decision-making and operative needs. “Plus” also usable in multimodes

Here are the main features:

  • Dashboard with indicators and different KPI
  • Can be personalized on a single data type
  • Informations can be integrated from external sources (SQL)

Main features and strengths:


Thought to be accessible from different devices and adaptable to every need of the user.


Dashboards access is login protected. You can decide which datas you want to be showed and/or allowed a certain user to do certain things. You can also implement SSO login process into centralized authentication systems.


PLUS is integrated inside the platform HelpdeskAdvanced, InfiniteCRM and Braininteractive, so it can be extended in terms of license and/or available features