NetworkDiscovery is a unique, highly advanced solution for hardware inventory management and analysis. It not only allows for effective hardware control but also provides a detailed list of software applications and can help ensure that all user licenses are up to date preventing unpleasant surprises in the case of inspection by the authorities.

NetworkDiscovery, now in version 3.0, will provide genuine assistance with equipment monitoring. The range of research modes, via specific domain name or IP address, means that the hardware/software profile of each device can be defined.

The new version of NetworkDiscovery is available with NetworkDiscovery Remote Agent (NDAgent) which has been developed to overcome the difficulty in scanning company devices that are only rarely connected to the company network, i.e. Laptop and tablet computers used by sales agents. Many in-house IT departments need to manage all the devices on the company network and perform complete scans of installed hardware and software. NDAgent also scans devices that are often disconnected from the network and sends the information to the service thereby keeping a complete updated list on the NetworkDiscovery system.


  • Lists all the machines available on the network with a single click
  • No client need be installed on remote computers (NT4/W2K/XP/Vista)
  • Includes valuable data export and reports across a variety of formats including Excel, Access, Pdf, HTML, Xml, Jpg, plain text etc.
  • Able to explore computers running Windows, MAC and, via an SNMP protocol, Linux
  • Able to determine and collect data on HW, SW and LICENSES
  • Includes a built-in scheduler which provides automated information polling
  • Offers personalized selection of exploration parameters with which it is possible to perform extended searches starting from the standard research criteria as developed in Network Inventory
  • Includes HW/SW license tracking which also provides an overview of active licenses and information on which licenses are not being used
  • License lists can be created so as to compare them to other control databases and determine if there are any discrepancies
  • Easy-to-use system for either making updates obligatory on all computers or selecting just those that require them
  • Identifies with ease new computers added to the network via the new Import function
  • Can explore computers via a specific domain name or a range of IP addresses
  • Offers permission-based analysis of computers on another network based on different username/passwords
  • Includes a local database for control data


  • Install software on a local machine or on a shared workstation where required and start using it over the LAN so as to receive detailed information on HW/SW inventory
  • Analyze the LAN: the system will explore the network for all available machines and domains
  • Analyze the LAN by IP range: the system will explore the network within a range of IP addresses
  • Analyze the LAN by Domain Name: the system will explore a specific domain for all the machines available that belong to that domain
  • Receive detailed HW and SW information from every machine
  • Keep track of licenses via a reporting facility
  • Schedule auto-import of new machines onto the LAN at selected intervals
  • Schedule auto-update of new information from the machines at selected intervals
  • Export data mined in a variety of formats including Excel, Access, Html, Pdf, Jpg
  • Created reports on the data mined and explore the reports in a variety of formats
  • Using the personalized exploration processes, queries can be created to look for specific files, registers and services
  • Explore machines on the network looking for screen-saver and logon passwords
  • Explore all machines on the network searching for all file types or the extensions of specific files
  • Explore all machines on the network looking for any registry parameter
  • Filter the information mined using the “Filter using secondary tables” database before exporting the data
  • Allows use with logon scripts for Nt/Win9x.