PowerFinder is the instrument created to improve searching and the organization of documents and information in digital format within your work station, your company network and your intranet.

This valuable instrument was conceived and enhanced to permit your company staff always to have the information they need to hand in the shortest possible time. Today knowledge has become one of the fundamental assets of every organization and represents a significant part of company capital. Having access to a shareable and easily accessed knowledge base, be this of your customers, suppliers, partners, or simply internal, reduces waiting time, generates value and improves satisfaction.

For this reason PowerFinder is natively integrated with HelpdeskAdvanced and InfiniteCRM: all the information is available through a single interface, making it possible to achieve the desired results within seconds.

Using PowerFinder it takes only a few moments to put together all the documents for an internal meeting or to respond to specific requests from your customers. Tracing information or files becomes quick and easy, simply type in a search term and click, once.

The figures prove it: Using PowerFinder there is 70% reduction in the amount of time required by operators to find documentary information within their own company system.