SMSGatewayEmail is a mobile device with a Linux server and http interface which provides simple, intuitive integration with corporate email and text messaging (SMS) applications over the GSM network. SmsGatewayEmail can receive and re-send text messages over GSM and integrate directly with email servers. The only requirement for use is a SIM card that can send and receive text messages.

In receive mode SmsGatewayEmail receives text messages on the SIM card in the internal modem and re-transmits the content over SMTP as an email sent to a predefined address and, if required, in bcc to a second recipient. The platform is compatible with systems using authenticated SMTP.

In send mode SmsGatewayEmail checks the email address on the server and, for each email received by the server, sends the content over POP3 and as a text message to a predefined recipient. The 160 character limit for text messages is maintained by SmsGatewayEmail.

  • Hardware
  • GSM antenna
  • CD-ROM for device configuration
  • Italian/English user manual

  • CPU Microprocessor at 22Mhz 16 bit
  • 10Mbit Ethernet connection
  • Built-in micro web server for configuration over HTML
  • SMTP & POP3 clients
  • Firmware developed exclusively in C
  • Built-in dual band GSM modem with removable SIM card tray
  • Maximum speed in send mode: 5 text messages (SMS) per minute
  • Maximum speed in receive mode: 5 text messages (SMS) per minute