The SMSGatewayWeb device has a built-in Linux server with an HTTP interface that allows companies to send text messages (SMS) to mobile devices over GSM from within the company network via integration of web applications and web servers. The device can send and receive messages via a browser-based HTML interface. The only requirement is a SIM card that can send and receive text messages.

In receive mode SMSGatewayWeb receives text messages from the SIM card in the internal modem and sends the contents to a web server via a simple HTTP transaction.

In send mode SMSGatewayWeb behaves exactly like a normal web server with its own internal IP and CGI address. The messages to be sent are sent by the web application via a simple HTTP transaction. Once received, SMSGatewayWeb re-sends the message via the SIM card to the GSM network.

HTTP is the main way web pages are distributed across the Internet. SMSGatewayWeb receives and re-sends text messages to any web server regardless of the language used and to any HTTP client or web browser. This means any web site or ASP service developer will be able to integrate their web-based applications with text messaging simply by writing a script in any programming language (ASP, PHP, PERL, etc.) in Microsoft™, Linux or other leading OSs.

  • Hardware
  • GSM antenna
  • CD-ROM for device configuration
  • Italian/English user manual

  • CPU Microprocessor at 22Mhz 16 bit
  • 10Mbit Ethernet connection
  • Built-in micro web server for configuration over HTML
  • SMTP & POP3 clients
  • Firmware developed exclusively in C
  • Built-in dual band GSM modem with removable SIM card tray
  • Maximum speed in send mode: 5 text messages (SMS) per minute
  • Maximum speed in receive mode: 5 text messages (SMS) per minute