SmsNetAdmin Second Generation is a new device for 24/7 monitoring, surveillance and remote control of data centers, devices and network services. It keeps constant control over server functionality or TCP/IP services (Web, SMTP, POP, FTP, etc.) instantly detecting problems or malfunctions. It is also capable of controlling environmental temperature and humidity, detecting problems with ventilation/heating systems and interfacing with external devices including perimeter sensors, smoke detectors and flood alert systems.

SmsNetAdmin Second Generation provides surveillance and remote control of your company’s data center, devices and network services. Regardless of the type and size of the company the reliability and security of your buildings and services are of the highest importance.

Alerts and alarms are communicated at regular intervals via web, text message (SMS) or email to up to 10 recipients so as to guarantee immediate notification of problems. For each alarm a notification is sent as soon as the event is detected and a further notification once the alarm has stopped and the situation has returned to within normal parameters.

Added to this emergency alarm management, SmsNetAdmin provides a constantly updated status overview of all devices via a web page. This makes it easy to integrate this information into the company intranet or existing web site providing control over the situation simply via the Internet.

Extremely easy to install, SmsNetAdmin Second Generation is configured via graphics-based web pages that are saved directly on the system’s own internal server. This means no external software is needed and any client connected to the network can be configured so as to be up-and-running on SmsNetAdmin Second Generation straight away.

Once SmsNetAdmin Second Generation has been put onto the network and configured the surveillance cycle for servers, services, environmental parameters, external inputs and power supply starts. For each of these categories of surveillance, a different strategy for detecting alarms and problems is put into place.

Surveillance of servers and services

For the surveillance of servers and services three kinds of control are available:

  • Ping ICMP: SmsNetAdmin Second Generation PINGs the address and waits for a response within a predefined limit.
  • Socket opening: In this mode a TCP/IP socket is opened for the specified port during set-up which enables effective functioning of a specific service.
  • Socket response: In this final mode a socket is opened as above but the response is analyzed based on a search for keywords which are specified during set-up.

Surveillance of environmental parameters

Environmental parameters are controlled via two temperature/humidity sensors with a temperature range of between -40 and +120°C (+/-0.1°C) and a relative humidity range from 0 to 100% (+/-2%). The first sensor is built into the system and has a 30cm cable. The second optional sensor is connected via LAN and can therefore be placed anywhere an Ethernet connection is present, even in places which are a long way from the device itself.

The parameters read by these sensors are kept under constant control and maximum/minimum levels at which intervention is required can be defined both for temperature and humidity.

Surveillance of external devices

The system includes 8 individually configurable clean or 0-24V opto-isolated input ports. Each port is kept under constant surveillance and can be set up to generate an alarm once it is closed. Smoke detectors, intrusion/presence sensors, flood alert systems and much more besides can be set up to generate alarms.

Power supply surveillance

The device’s power unit includes a back-up battery which provides power to the device for more than 5 hours in case of power failure (exact battery life depends on GSM signal strength, the number of active ports etc.) and has a battery charging circuit and system for detecting power supply problems or failures. The main power supply is monitored constantly and any failure sets off an alarm.

A further alarm is sent if the power remains absent for a prolonged period and the back-up battery is in danger of running out.
SmsNetAdmin Second Generation can also send alarm notifications from other devices to a preconfigured list of recipients. To do this the device to be monitored needs to be configured to send an HTTP/POST request (created using any programming or scripting language) to SmsNetAdmin Second Generation which will then send the notification to the desired users.

What’s in the box

  • Hardware
  • GSM antenna
  • User manual in Italian
  • Master unit and lead-based backup battery
  • Power supply unit