SaaS services

Companies and large corporations are developing into eCompanies connected to an increasingly pervasive and efficient Internet providing concrete support for their business. In this context corporate IT systems must be set up to exploit effectively the potential and technology with particular attention on cost optimization and ROI.

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a distribution model that allows companies to purchase software as if it were a service and access pre-integrated solutions at an elevated technological level with significant advantages in terms of lowering risk and increasing flexibility while reducing infrastructure and management costs which are the responsibility of the companies that provide the services.

SaaS is an innovative way to exploit the potential of a solution while keeping costs low

As well as supplying constantly updated solutions, as all critical patches and updates are made available immediately, and providing rapid implementation, SaaS allows for a reduced initial outlay tailored to the platform making it particularly good value.

PAT Group makes its solutions available in SaaS mode which guarantees clients fixed, predictable costs which include a maintenance fee.

The fact that the solutions are available immediately in full security, constantly up to date with universal access are just a few of the countless advantages that are driving more and more companies to choose this innovative delivery model for PAT solutions.