White paper

Our White Paper represents an information system concerning our technologies and / or solutions. It shows the key features, the possible uses and the analytical data that represent the strengths in different application fields.

This white paper summarizes the results of a research aimed at finding out and understanding Italian companies’ opinions and strategies on lead management.The major limitations for effective lead management strategy are still found in adopting the correct strategy needed to support the process.

Organizations have begun to formalize processes in order to standardize and automate the provision of services, minimize costs and response times, ensure compliance with corporate policies and follow internal and external organizational changes.
The involvement of Business Process Management in the context of customer service thus takes on an increasing strategic importance.

When companies apply a multichannel strategy to their Customer Service they can gain a highly relevant competitive advantage: efficient direct service to each individual, improved Customer Experience, higher customer retention rate and cost optimization through the exploitation of cheaper communication channels.

There has been, in recent years, a veritable boom in the mobile industry on a global scale. It is therefore essential for companies to remain aligned with consumers’ expectations and to create innovative interactions on mobile devices with their customers.
For businesses, such scenario holds an incredible potential: a correct mobile strategy increases awareness, customer satisfaction and engagement.