BrainInteractive is the result of the PAT Group’s long experience in the customer care and technological innovation field. This software was developed by H-Care to offer a multichannel interactive customer experience.

The many years of experience developed in interactive digital assistance (Human Digital Assistance) combined with a technological infrastructure capable of managing the dialogue with clients over multiple channels with the help of a powerful semantic engine used in the interactive dialogue with the client, make BrainInteractive one of the most versatile and powerful tools in the client-company relationship.

The main objective of BrainInteractive is to improve customer satisfaction, reduce support costs and create new sales opportunities via effective lead generation.


About H-Care

H-care is the producer of this human-like, multichannel and user-friendly platform, global leader in automated customer service. A part of the PAT Group, H-Care, strengthened by PAT’s experience in the customer care field, has developed a platform that allows companies and other bodies of all sizes to enact effective, innovative self-service strategies over all channels for users and clients.