Multi channel

OnMessage: Text messaging (SMS) & email channel

Automated management of the Text messaging (SMS) & email channel and inbound/outbound campaigns.

OnWeb: Web channel

OnWeb is the module of BrainInteractive that supplies proactive self-service and marketing support over the web. It provides assistance in three separate modes (chatbox, on page and Div) so as to adapt to integration and objective-based needs.

OnMedia: TV, Display and Multimedia kiosk channel

OnMedia provides management of channels such as interactive kiosks, TV channels and other devices. It provides interaction with clients via a device or via other channels such as text message, email or social media.

OnVoice: Voice channel

Automation for IVR systems providing dynamic and proactive information over the telephone.

OnMobile: Mobile application channel

Self-service care using mobile applications to exploit next generation devices as a support channel. A new customer experience to drive customer loyalty.

OnSocial: Leverage the Social media channel to communicate with your clients

Automation of the social media channel (Twitter) so as to synchronize across the other channels and offer users an innovative and efficient customer experience.