BrainInteractive is built around a core application that manages the knowledge base (content, rules, actions) and dialogue dynamics via the semantic engine. The platform is also made up of channel-based modules via which a proactive dialogue can be created with users and clients.

The behavioral dynamics of BrainInteractive are managed by a proprietary authoring tool that, via graphical management of workflow and diagrams, provides seamless, dynamic control over communication with users.



Equipped with a powerful semantic engine (semanticEngine), BrainInteractive relies on advanced technologies to understand support requests and provide increasingly accurate, swift and effective responses while managing to create a proactive dialogue with the client. The platform is also able to build its knowledge base progressively via InteractiveKnowledge.


Provides access to cross-channel Customer Support adapting to new communication media and inviting users to use the most cost effective channel (channel shifting).


The platform integrates both with front-end (web sites, mobile applications, LMS etc.) and back-end systems (CRM, billing etc.) with ease.


In order to manage the interactive communication with the client during the customer care phase, BrainInteractive exploits its full potential by using two tools. Let’s take a look at them:

Interaction Author

This is the authoring tool for BrainInteractive which is used to define processes, behavior, routing and management of communication flows with the user.

Very easy to use, InteractionAuthor means that any routing rules within the customer support processes across all channels can be effectively managed.

Experience Base

This is the mnemonic capability of BrainInteractive to build on its knowledge for continual improvement during the self-service support phase. Right from installation InteractiveKnowledge gathers information on all activities, memorizes it and then reminds users of the most effective responses for clients.

All the responses and advanced processes in the knowledge base are saved in a database specialized in the memorization of content, rules and actions and these are then used by BrainInteractive during the provision of support.