Engagent is the innovative software solution that allows every company to communicate with users in real-time, one-to-one and cross channel modes by optimizing the operation of support team, flanked by the potentiality of virtual assistance.

Engagent is the first software platform that introduces the concept of Hybrid Digital Support (HDS): making the most of virtual assistance in order to resolve users’ more frequent and easily solvable requests, in self-service mode and to utilize human resources only in cases of real need and where the presence of a human operator in the brand/customer dialogue is necessary.
The technology therefore allows extending the service support or the dialogue with the user (for upselling or marketing activities) 24/7, reducing support costs (particularly first level ones) and making the best use of human resources dedicated to user assistance.
Engagent is not just a simple multichannel chat software, but helps operators of supporting team to converse with users thanks to its engine Natural Language Processing (NLP Engine).

Engagent interacts with users through the virtual operator, calling into question the human resources only when it is strictly necessary and thus providing a service in self-service even in the closing hours of the contact center.

Both during the dialogue with the virtual operator and with the human, Engagent can share with users textual information, links, videos, files and fully customized content, such as form, html or call-to-action created ad-hoc .
It can also define rules of conduct proactive combining user data with business strategies. Through Engagent you can activate services, guide you in procurement processes, generate call-to-action ad hoc mode automatically and without the requirement of a human operator to intervene in the management of the dialogue.
Users and customers will live a more direct and engaging experience while browsing the site, the consultation of the information sought and the interaction with the same company.

More information available here: www.engagent.en