The term e-commerce has become more and more common over the last decade. It refers to the sale of goods and services over the web. Since it first emerged, electronic commerce has become increasingly significant and is seeing constant growth across the globe, allowing the client/user to browse and select products at the time and in the way that suits them.

In line with this trend and the significant numbers that are generated, many companies are offering new services so clients can buy online.

Key factors in establishing a successful e-commerce strategy are the online purchasing experience, how easy the site is to use, the influence of social networks, the security and trust engendered, and the enjoyment and personal satisfaction felt during the purchasing process (and beyond). Companies who enter this field for the first time must offer clients a user-friendly, credible and constantly updated site.

Add experience to your online sales services

PAT’s commerce solution is capable of optimizing the management and interaction via web of companies’ e-commerce needs. By virtue of its easy-to-use interface, all the processes are expedited and automated, making the order creation process as slick as possible for clients.