Customer Care

Focusing on the needs of your clients is a strategic goal that many companies seek to attain. In an increasingly competitive market, the ability to provide an effective, punctual Customer Care service for your customers can be a critical success factor.

It is well documented that taking care of and having experience with clients are key elements in determining the added value that improves satisfaction and lays the foundation for lasting relationships between the company and the client. Offering and guaranteeing outstanding assistance means allowing clients to choose the channel by which to contact the company and respond to their requests in the shortest possible time.

The objective remains to provide effective information and responses as quickly as possible and with total accuracy.

In order to be able to provide the highest quality assistance, companies need a service equipped with the right tools so as to ensure rapid and effective resolution of client issues and which thus guarantees an efficient level of support in case of emergencies.

Our solutions are completely capable of providing structured organization of all of the processes involved in multichannel customer care. The incredible flexibility of PAT’s applications means they can be used in all phases of corporate processes, from providing assistance to users, to coordinating helpdesk service activities and setting up claims procedures.

Our experience in the sector allows us to optimize our Customer Care solutions which not only allow client requests and their resolutions to be fed into the database but also to provide a rapid, effective service via the client’s preferred channel  (phone, fax, text message and email).