Marketing can mean a variety of activities including market research and analysis of the market with clients, consumers and business. Over time it has expanded into new areas including market performance. Relationship Marketing is becoming increasingly important, an area mainly focused on deepening the relationship with clients by building loyalty.

This kind of marketing means creating, developing, maintaining and optimizing relationships between clients and the company and is put into practice via a series of customer relationship management processes and analysis of the information this provides.


In order to get the best from relationship marketing it is therefore necessary to create a personal relationship with clients. The company or organization that desires to implement this strategy needs to recognize and take on board the concept that having knowledge of the characteristics, needs and preferences of their clients is the core of their business. Only once they have made this step will they be able to produce direct, targeted activities while creating bilateral communication and offering solutions that truly respond to client needs.

Building customer loyalty by providing a personalized service

PAT’s solutions, developed around a Customer Centric vision, respond completely to Customer Relationship Management needs while optimizing activity organization and the tactics employed to relate with clients in a more direct and effective manner. Only by getting to know your clients will it be possible to create tailored marketing campaigns that are perfectly suited to the desired target, both in terms of content and the method used.

For companies the need to work with Web 2.0 clients, those who buy online and embrace new technologies, means understanding the best way to contact him/her, make the sale and build loyalty. This is why PAT is committed to the on-going development of our CRM solution so that it’s always able to meet the needs of an evolving market and new consumer models.

PAT offers solutions that produce highly specialized relationship building tools for leads and clients, targeted communications, marketing campaign management (multi-lingual and in the preferred format and channel) and analysis of potential interest via surveys and questionnaires.