Sales Processes

The sales department is one of the areas that the company focuses on most to grow its business. However, today the whole company needs to focus on the needs of the clients. This requires sharing of all information about products, the market and the clients themselves so as to ensure that the best possible service is offered to clients creating lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

In general, almost all businesses have yet to implement solutions that manage the relationship with clients in a truly integrated manner. The result is that sales activities are carried out more or less by chance, ignoring and even distancing potential new clients.

By adopting a customer-centric viewpoint and a new system for the management of strategic information for the company, it will be possible to gather, consolidate, analyze and access client information via a series of user-friendly modes and features that can easily be integrated into the company’s daily activities.

The sales process usually includes several phases (presales, sales and post-sales) each of which requires care and specific tasks. Starting from the management of leads, the list of potential clients, the next step is contact, profiling and conversion of interesting leads into prospects (profiled contacts). From here possible sales opportunities are taken into consideration which, if everything goes according to plan, mean that the prospect will become a client. At this point the next phases come into play, phases which include management of the client via customer care and assistance.

PAT’s solutions are able to adapt perfectly to the needs of individual companies and allow for precise management of the entire sales process. The data managed by our CRM applications can be used to pre-empt changes happening in the market with clients, products and services making your sales team and network more effective.

In addition, the introduction of Business Process Management systems means that the corporate CRM system will be able to automate all task and information flows so as to facilitate sales team activities and expedite response times to potential clients.